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Our Operating Model


Integration of the rent of the apartments to the administration of the building, to create a link between owner, guest and administration. The perception that the co-owners have about the inefficiencies and disorganization suffered by the PH administration and the common areas of the buildings is frequent and justified; Being in charge of companies that receive a fixed remuneration to only carry out basic tasks and without having motivation or incentives, it is a model that needs to be reinvented. If the administration aligns and integrates with the operation, resources and incentives can be obtained so that optimal maintenance and improvement of the spaces for common use prevail, generating benefits for the joint ownership and converting the operation management - guest and administration - owner - in a virtuous circle.

Return on investment

Return on investment by delegating the marketing, sale, collection and logistics to a team specialized in maid services, laundry, guest service, electronic locks, concierge and much more. The investor will receive a monthly return derived from the occupation of the furnished apartment, and will have guaranteed up-to-date maintenance, avoiding the deterioration to which an unused property is exposed in this location, without incurring the costly labor that this implies and that is disseminated even more at a distance. Items that are lost, damaged or deteriorate will be replaced immediately, keeping the apartment available at all times. If there are damages or losses attributable to the guest, it makes him responsible, or if it is deterioration due to use, it deducts it from the rent, in any case executing the replacement or repair that is required instantly. All the expenses of services, administration and derived from the monthly operation of the apartment are paid directly by the operator, discounting from the income. The operator in charge is committed to keeping the property in perfect condition and up to date with its obligations because at the time of delivery to each guest or even to the owner, the property must be presented in optimal condition.


Accommodation professionals with a history of more than 8 years and a record of 26,000 guests, following the highest standards of comfort, space design, attention, complementary services, systematization and continuous maintenance of real estate units. The arrival of owners or guests will be supported by a trained team that, if the client wishes, will receive them at the airport, providing the CarBnB-Concierge service that will transport them to one of the buildings. Upon arrival at the reception of the building you will have an expert tourism team that will make you feel safe, in a superior level property. Upon check-in, the apartment will be impeccable, with an inventory of complete elements for a comfortable stay and with the attention of housekeeping and for a carefree rest and an experience that you will seek to repeat.

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